Bestial Wolf, entrust their products commercialization to the professional channels of distribution. Under no circumstance carries out the direct selling to final users, that’s why the DISTRIBUTORS AREA section is restricted to shops, distributors and self-employees which epigraph allows them to develop the appropriate commercial task relating to this sales channel.

With the purpose of protecting the channel of distribution, to access the DISTRIBUTORS AREA and belong to the commercial network for Bestial Wolf products, the interested will have to prove their professional condition sending via e-mail or FAX a copy of the Economical Activity Tax, where we will check that your data correspond to a distribution company or retailer, once our administration department have made this process, you will receive a confirmation.

You can send your company or self-employed data together with the documentation to this e-mail address:


Or you can send a fax to the next number:

(+34) 93 846 89 87

Finally, we want to thank you in advance your interest and we are at your disposal. For any query you can get in contact with our Customer Service calling to the next telephone number: (+34) 93 849 06 49 or via e-mail: info@bestialwolf.com

The sales representative for Bestial Wolf is:

Locura Digital , s.l.
Avda. Sant Julià 154, Nave 2 (Pol. Ind. El Congost)
08403 Granollers (Barcelona) España
Tel. (+34) 93.849 06 49
Fax (+34) 93 846 89 87